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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
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Trichodermin-bio is a highly effective, environmentally safe pharmaceutical drug, which is prepared on the basis of fungus with the antagonistic properties called Trichoderma viride. It is used to protect cereals, technical, vegetable crops, orchards, vineyards and berries from fungous and bacterial diseases, to utilize nutrient residues, improvement of the phytosanitary state of soils.

How it works

Trichoderma viride fungus is a hyperparasite that inhibits development of phytopagogens by direct parasitism, competition for substrate, the release of enzymes (chitinase, cellulase, glucose, etc.). At its vital activity, it allocates antibiotics: alamethcine, gliotoksin and viridine, which also inhibit the development of phytopathogenic fungi. In addition, the drug enhances processes of ammoniation and nitrification, mobilizes phosphorus and potassium, enriches the soil with mobile forms of nutrients, stimulates growth and development of plants, increases their resistance to diseases.

It is also established that fungi of Trishoderma genus are characterized by a chemotropic reaction and ability to recognize phytopathogenic fungi at a distance. 

When fungal cells of the host and parasite interact, lectins play an important role. The antagonist begins to produce lithic enzymes only after recognition and attachment to the cell wall of the host fungus. Enzymes of the antagonist are capable of decomposing polymers that are part of the cell wall of pathogenic fungi.

“Trichodermin-bio” is intended for processing of seeds (pre-sowing and storage), introduction into the soil, especially the covered type soil, and for preventive treatment of all types of crops and flowers.

“Trichodermin-bio” provides both prevention against a large number of diseases and improves soil, plant condition, and as a result it leads to an increase in yields by 20-30%. The development of gallet nematodes is restrained.

How to apply

In pre-planting soil cultivation. The norm of use is 5-10 liters of drug mixture per 100 liters of water. Pre-sowing seed treatment with nutraceutical Trichodermin-bio may be carried out mechanically using mordanting machines MMS-3 (MMS stand for mordanting machine screw type), MM-10 (MM stand for mordanting machine) and other machines, and at small volumes of work it may be done manually on the day of sowing. To do this you need to add up to 8 liters of water to 2 liters of the drug mixture and use this solution to process 1 ton of seeds. Without letting the suspension to settle, it is applied to the seeds, which are then thoroughly mixed to make the liquid distribute evenely. The treated seed should be protected from direct sunlight and overheating. Use 5 ml of drug per plant to introduce into peat-pungent pots. Use 5 ml to insert into a seedbed when planting seedlings. When dipping the seedlings, soak the root system in 5-10% solution of Trichodermine-bio. Use 5 ml to watering plants into the zone of the root neck. During the vegetation season, the pharmaceutical is used to treat in any phase of plant development in proportion of 3-5 l per ha, not less than 300 l of the working solution per 1 ha, and on the private farmland plots one needs 250 ml per 10 l of water. Greenhouse frames require 150-200 ml of this drug mixture to be dissolved in 2-3 liters of water to process 1 m2. Before use, the drug must be shaken to a homogeneous mass and strained through gauze or capron fabric. The treatment is carried out after 6 pm, prophylactically. Repeat in 7-10 days.


  • Ecologically safe for people, animals, fish, bees and the environment
  • Does not affect the taste and smell of cultivated products
  • Improves soil
  • Generates biologically active substances, thereby stimulating the growth and development of plants, increases their resistance to disease
  • Increases yield by 20-30%
  • Fruits/vegetables can be used on the day of treatment

Spectrum of action, norms and methods of use


The object against which it is processed

Method and processing time

Application rate

Industrial production

Private sector

Grain, leguminous, technical crops, vegetable crops, potatoes

Root rot, fusariosis, erysipelas, scab, late blight

On the day of sowing the seeds, 2-3 days before sowing

2 l/t

20 ml / kg per 1 kg of seed

Cereal leguminous, technical, vegetable, potato, fruit and berry, and ornamental crops

Root rot, powdery mildew, fusariosis, erysipelas, scab

Treatment of plants: sprouting, flowering, fruit production

3-5 l/ha

250 ml / 10 liters of water per 200 sq.m.

Vegetable crops of closed soil

Root rot, bacteriosis, black stem (damping-out), fusariosis

Introduction into soil

5-10 l/ha

150 ml / м2

Safety measures

When applying, please, adhere to the generally accepted safety measures. The pharmaceutical does not cause any harmful effects on the environment, or negative effects on people, endothermic animals, fish, bees, neither it is phytotoxic to cultural and wild plants.

Terms and conditions of storage

The biopharmaceutical is stored in a sealed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +4ºС..+6ºС. Its shelf life is up to 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional Information

The biological preparation “Trichodermin-bio” is available in liquid form.

Certificate of state registration A №07314

ТУ У 20.2–00717867–007:2017

It is certified by ‘Organic Standard’, LLC for growing and protecting crops in organic production according to the standards of the European Union.

юрьев валерий
29 | 06 | 2022
купил триходерму и боверию качество афигенное триходерма была посеяна на крупу выросла чистейшая культура боверия так же всем рекомендую привет из запорожья мирного неба всем
22 | 04 | 2022
Про результати захисту говорити поки що зарано, але той факт, що триходермін дуже успішно вдалося розмножити на пропареній перловці ( за 4 дні півлітрові банки проросли триходермою, а через тиждень видно зелене спороношення) - вселяє надію, що триходермін-біо так само активно буде боротись і з хворобами рослин. Ну, це якщо виросла саме триходерма )))
13 | 07 | 2021
Доброго дня, замовляла у вас різні препарати і дуже задоволена, чи можна ще замовити триходермін і бітоксібацилін
14 | 07 | 2021
Добрий день, дякуємо за відгук! Для замовлення наших препаратів зверніться до менеджера з продажу за номером +380684898908.
14 | 05 | 2021
1 л триходерміна укрпоштою,будь ласка,перезвоніть.
15 | 05 | 2021
Доброго дня! Надіслали відповідь на вашу ел. скриньку.
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