About us

Research and production Center LLC “Cherkasybiozakhyst” is one of the most powerful organizations that has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market of organic products for 50 years. Our main goal is to substantially improve modern farming by its active “biologization” and reducing the use of pesticides with alternative biological products.

"Cherkasibiozakhyst" cherishes its history. Over the years of stable and long work we have gained enormous amount of knowledge and experience of the organic market. This experience served as a solid foundation for the development and improvement of the enterprise. Today in Ukraine, only in Cherkasy region, 17 district biolaboratories are preserved. Our biological products are used in 18 regions of Ukraine in an area of ​​more than 500 000 hectares. Our company is proud of its team of specialists. We consult and offer services in the scope of crop protection to improve its productivity and results.

Our products are certified by Organic Standard - the only Ukrainian certification body for organic production. We encourage farmers around the world to change their perspective on organic farming. As practice shows, the use of biological plant protection not only increases the quality of the crop, but also significantly saves money. With the help of microbiological preparations, farmers take care of the soil, plants and animals, thus creating perspective for better future.


We have many years of experience in fine-tuned production and cooperation with large agroholdings and foreign partners. The products have international certificates


All our products are based on live microorganisms, fungi and entomophages, which positively affects the environment and human health


Our production based on hight quality specialists with long-term experience


The ability to refuse chemicals and save money, getting valuable ecological products