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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
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Rodent Bio is moist bacteriocide for grains, which is ecologically safe, biological rodenticide to fight mouse-like rodents.

How it works

The active substance is Salmonella enteritidis van Issatchenko. Rodenta Bio has selective pathogenicity, that is, destroys only mouse-like (myomorphic) rodents. It is effective against mice: house mouse, steppe mouse, forest mouse, pigmy mice, striped field-mouse (ordinary or gray, forest, red, water, herding, steppe, multicolored), as well as gray hamster and ground squirrel.

The action of the pharmaceutical begins after it is ingested in the stomach of a myomorphic rodent causing pathogenesis of typhoid fever. Rodents perish 7-10 days after eating the biosolution Rodenta Bio. The sick rodents infect the healthy ones, resulting in an epizootic.

A lethal dose for one mouse is 2-3 grains of rodenticidal mass.

This damp grain solution is applied against rodent mice on the crop fields, meadows, pastures, forests, gardens, haystacks, greenhouses, elevators, mills, warehouse and livestock buildings, on cottage land plots and private premises.

How to apply?

The biodrug may be used at any time of the year, even in winter at -25ºС. Optimal periods are the autumn-winter and early spring periods, when the air temperature ranges from + 10ºС to -10ºС. The biological effectiveness of the drug is 90%.

In the autumn and winter periods, this biodrug shall be first applied in the places of greatest concentration of rodents, the so-called sations - reservoirs (wood lines, roadside paths, haystacks, etc.), then the drug is applied to winter crops and perennial herbs.

The application rate depends on the species composition and number of mouselike rodents. It constitutes 2 kg/ha at an average population density.

With high density of mouse rodents (5 or more colonies per hectare), 3 kg/ha are used.

On the agricultural lands Rodenta Bio is laid out in the holes, near the nests, along the paths of the rodents. When cultivating crops, hay lands, pasture, lure, they are laid out manually and placed in a chain at a distance of 5-15 m from each other. This solution may be applied in stripes of 100-200 m width with a lapse of 50 – 100 m inbetween. Rodenta Bio may be laid from the car (on both sides). The distance between the tracks makes 25-50 m, as well as using grain seeders and mineral fertilizer spreaders.

In haystacks, the drug is distributed in paper bags of 15-20 g in niches made in the lower and middle parts of the stack. The drug is applicable at any time of the year.

In hothouses and greenhouses treatments are implemented in early spring, paying special attention to the holes near the timber blocking, greenhouse frames and places for storing straw mats.

In the premises, livestock farms, warehouses, vegetable stores, the drug is laid in the holes, near the nests, behind the wall covering.


  • Has selective action. Toxic only for myomorphic rodent
  • Safe for people, animals and the environment
  • It is used both manually and mechanically
  • Leads to the complete death of the colony at the expense of re-infection (epizootics) of myomorphic rodents
  • Myomorphic rodents do not develop immunity to bait, unlike the use of chemical drugs
  • The drug may be used in environmental and economic zones


Spectrum of action and usage norms:


Object of action

Measurement unit

Spectrum of action

Solution application rate

Fields, gardens, vegetable plots, wood lines

1 ha

Myomorphic rodents

2-3 kg/ha

Greenhouses, warehouses, farms, living premises

100 m2

Myomorphic rodents

100-150 g

Safety measures

The biopreparation is not harmful to humans, animals, and fish. It does not accumulate in plants and does not pollute the environment. When applying, you must observe the generally accepted security measures.

Terms and conditions of storage

The biopharmaceutical is stored in a sealed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of + 4º..+6ºС. Its shelf life is up to 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional Information

Certificate of state registration A №06976

It is certified by Organic Standard’, LLC for growing and protecting crops in organic production according to the standards of the European Union.

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