It's not easy, but we're working!
25 | 03 | 2022
It's not easy, but we're working!

During the war, Cherkasybiozahist LLC did not stop its work on the production of biological products and thus helps Ukrainian farmers in the sowing campaign.

Having our own production of biological products, we can quickly and efficiently provide Ukrainian farmers with effective drugs that will help avoid problems not only with plant diseases and pests, but also increase crop yields.

Violation of the logistics of foreign PPE has led to their shortage in the Ukrainian market and in this situation farmers need to carefully approach the issue of pre-cultivation and starting nutrition to avoid the spread of pests and plant diseases and maximize their resilience and growth.

We recommend treating legume seed with nitrogen fixatives. Live bacteria contained in the nitrogen fixer are able to absorb nitrogen from atmospheric air and convert it into plant-friendly forms. Bacteria develop in symbiosis with the root system of the plant, provide plants with environmentally friendly nitrogen, promote active development of the root system, increase the absorptive capacity of roots and productivity of photosynthesis, provide a significant 70% reduction in nitrogen fertilizers.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria contribute to the biological health of soils, accumulate from 50 to 120 kg / ha of biological nitrogen, synthesize growth-promoting substances, inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic microflora. They increase the field germination and seed germination energy. Physiologically active substances contained in the drug activate the formation of generative organs, which significantly affects the seed productivity of soybeans, peas, chickpeas and other legumes.

Rates of use of 4 liters of the drug per 1 ton of seeds. Cultivation on the day of sowing or 2-3 before sowing.

For cereals, legumes, industrial, vegetable crops, potatoes, we recommend treatment of seed with biological fungicide "Florabacillin". This will allow metabolites and antimicrobial substances secreted by bacteria to take an active part in the conversion of soil organic and mineral substances from inaccessible to plants form in an accessible form, bind atmospheric nitrogen, increase humus in the soil.

Florabacillin has a multifunctional effect on plant development and formation. It increases the field germination and energy of seed germination, promotes the formation of a developed root system and enhances the process of photosynthesis in plants. Physiologically active substances activate the formation of generative organs, which significantly affects the seed productivity of crops. The use of Florabacillin provides accelerated formation of the secondary root system, which significantly improves the water regime in drought conditions, increases plant resistance to disease by improving the overall immune status and increasing the fungicidal and fungistatic action.

Biological preparation is effective against root and fruit rot, powdery mildew, septoria, late blight, scab, rhizoctonia, macrosporiosis, crops of cereals and legumes, technical, vegetable, fruit and berry crops, potatoes.

The increase in yield from the use of the drug reaches cereals and legumes - 4 kg / ha, oil - 3 kg / ha, potatoes - 40 kg / ha, cucumbers and tomatoes up to 80 kg / ha. The drug is used: for seed treatment, spraying during the growing season, and bookmark vegetable products for storage.

The rate of use for seed 2l / t;

Plant cultivation: seedlings, bushes, tube exit, fruiting 3-5 l / ha.

Cherkasybiozahist Scientific and Production Center LLC is financially helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defeat the enemy on our land. We work together and everything will be Ukraine!