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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
All about the product
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Microbiological biopharmaceutical “Phytopsin” is intended to protect agricultural plants from fungal and bacterial diseases, caterpillars of leaf-eating pests (tortrix of leaf rollers, geometer moths (Geometridae), snout moths or grass moths, owlet moths, codling moth (Cydia pomonella), etc.) by means of pre-sowing seed treatment and spraying the vegetative plants.

Biopharmaceutical “Phytopsin"” is a fungicide-insecticidal drug containing in its composition 2 strains of bacteria Pseudomonas aureofaciens, as well as biologically active substances, which are produced in the process of production cultivation.

How it works

Bacteria Pseudomonas aureofaciens, entering the soil together with the treated seeds, actively occupy the rhizosphere (root system) of plants and, feeding on the root secretions, produce enzymes, and antibiotics that inhibit the development of phytopathogens. When processing vegetative plants they show antimicrobial, fungicidal and entomopathogenic activity.

The bacteria Pseudomonas aureofaciens are producers of essential for plants amino acids, cytochromes and vitamins. They live symbiotrophically on the surface of the roots, stimulating the growth and development of plants, and ensure the passage of phases acceleration of plant development, an increase of biomass (including the surface area of ​​the leaves), and an increase of crop output. Due to the phenazine pigments complex synthesis, they inhibit development of pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases and protect plants against infection when applied to the seeds before sowing, introducing into the soil and when spraying on the leaf surface. By means of synthesis of entomopathogenic toxin, plants are protected from caterpillars of the I-II ages, leaf rollers, cankerworms (Geometridae), pyralid moths (Pyralididae), seedworm (Laspeyresia), owlet moths.

How to apply

Seed treatment with the biodrug “Phytopsin” shall be conducted on the day or 1-2 days before sowing.

Spraying the plants. Before use, be sure to shake the drug to get a homogeneous mass. The needed amount of drug is to be strained into the sprayer and add water.

Application norms. For 1 hectare pour at least 200-300 liters of working solution. Treatments are carried out after 6 pm prophylactically before the disease outbreak or at the beginning of pest regeneration. Repeat treatments every 7-10 days.

To reduce losses from diseases during winter storage, phytopsin is applied to treat repositories, containers, apples, potatoes, cabbage, root crops of carrots, beetroots and other vegetables at a rate of 2-3 liters of drug mixture per 1 ton of products.


  • Environmentally safe for humans, animals and the environment
  • Protects both from diseases and pests
  • Stimulator of plant growth
  • Is not accumulated in plants and soil
  • Raises the plant’s ability to hold water, improves frost resistance and drought tolerance.
  • Does not affect the taste and smell of products
  • Promotes longer storage of the harvested crops
  • Preventive use increases plants resistance to diseases
  • Compatible in tank mixes with biologic pharmaceuticals (drugs) and some pesticides

Spectrum of action, norms and methods of use


Object of action

The name of the disease

Application rate



Private sector

Cereal and

leguminous crops


Fusarial, helminthosporous root rot.

Seed treatment 2-3 l / ton

20-30 ml / kg per 100 ml of water

Cereal crops,






Fusarial, helminthosporium blight (root rot), powdery mildew, brown rust, leaf spots, cercosporosis (Cercospora blight), gray rot


2-4 l / ha at the onset of the disease. Repeatedly every 7-10 days

250 ml of drug mixture for 10 l of water per 200 sq.m.


Potato tubers

Rhizoctonia blight, scab, late blight (phytophthora rot)

Pre-planting of tubers 2 l / t

250 ml of drug mixture per 100 kg of potato tubers






Rhizoctonia blight, scab, late blight (phytophthora rot)

2-4 l/ha

Repeatedly every 7-10 days

250 ml of solution per 10 l of water for 200 sq.m.




Mildeu, oidium, gray rot


4 l/ha, 400 l of treatment solution

500 ml of solution per 10 l of water for 100 sq.m.




Gray rot


4 l/ha, 300 l of treatment solution

500 ml of solution per 10 l of water for 100 sq.m.







Fusarium blight, true and false powdery mildew


3-5 l/ha. Periodically every 7-10 days

250-500 ml of solution per 10 l of water for 200 sq.m.

Apples, pears, drupaceous



Monilia, scab (favus or Trichophyton schoenlein), rot


5 l/ha, 400 l of treatment solution

350 ml of solution per 10 l of water

Safety measures

When applying, please, adhere to the generally accepted safety measures. The pharmaceutical does not cause any harmful effects on the environment, or negative effects on people, endothermic animals, fish, bees, neither it is phytotoxic to cultural and wild plants.

Terms and conditions of storage

The biopharmaceutical is stored in a sealed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +4ºС..+6ºС. Its shelf life is up to 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional Information

Certificate of state registration A №07315

ТУ У 20.2-007178-67-009:2017

It is certified by ‘Organic Standard’, LLC for growing and protecting crops in organic production according to the standards of the European Union.

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16 | 07 | 2020
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29 | 06 | 2018
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