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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
All about the product
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This is a biological preparation based on the fungus Beauveria bassiana to protect plants from pests.

How it works

The spores and conidia of the Beauveria bassiana fungus and the insecticidal metabolites contained in the drug substance penetrate through the cuticle of the pest, sprout into the cavity of the insects body and lead to their death.

The drug solution is used to protect potatoes, vegetable crops, ornamental, fruit and berry crops both in closed and open soil. It is effective against whitefly, thrips, fir seed moth (Laspeyresia bracteatana), bugs, larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, and ticks. Optimum conditions of application: 80-100% relative humidity, at a temperature of + 24ºC - + 26ºC.

How to apply

Spraying of plants. Before use, be sure to shake to get a homogeneous mass. The needed amount of drug is to strain into the sprayer and add water.

It is used in agricultural crops, in greenhouses, in private plots during the vegetation period from plant sprouting (at the appearance of a pest) to flowering and harvesting. The application rate, depending on the number of pests, strats from 5 liters per hectare, and on private plots it is 500 ml for 10 liters per 2 hectares.

Application rate. In the vegetation period, use at least 300 liters of working solution per 1 hectare, the crops are to be processed after 6 pm. Repeat treatments should come every 7-10 days.


  • Safe for people, animals, birds, fish, bees
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • Does not have application rules
  • Does not affect the taste of cultivated products
  • Positively affects the quality of products

Spectrum of action, norms and methods of use


Object against which it’s processed

Processing method and time

Application rate

Industrial use

Private sector

Vegetables, fruit and berry crops of closed soil, potatoes

Larva of the 1st and 2nd age: owl moth, seedworm. Larvae of the 1st-2nd age: leaf-miner flies (Agromyzidae, whitefly, bug (Hemiptera), Colorado beetle, ticks/acarian (Acariformes), thunder flies (Thysanopter)

Treatment of plants during vegetation: sprouting, flowering, fruit formation.

5-8 l/ha

500 ml/10 l of water per 200 sq. m.

Safety measures

When applying, you must observe the generally accepted safety measures.

Terms and conditions of storage

The biopharmaceutical is stored in a sealed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +4ºС..+6ºС. Its shelf life is up to 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional Information

ТУ У 24.2-00717867-004: 2013

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