Nitrogen fixator for soy
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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
All about the product
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It is an ecologically safe, highly effective, biological product based on living bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum, capable of absorbing nitrogen from the air and increasing the yield of soybeans. It is a growth stimulator.

How it works

The living bacteria contained therein are capable of absorbing nitrogen from atmospheric air for its activity and turning it into the forms appropriate for the plant. Bacteria develop in symbiosis with the root system of plants, provide plants with ecologically affordable nitrogen, promote an active development of the root system, increase the absorbing ability of the roots and the productivity of photosynthesis, and provide a significant 70% reduction in the use of nitrogen fertilizers.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria contribute to the biological healing of soils, accumulate from 50 to 120 kg / ha of biological nitrogen, synthesize growth stimulating agents, inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic microflora. They contribute to an increase in field similarity and seed germination energy. Physiologically active substances contained in the biomixture activate formation of generative organs, which significantly affects the seed yield of soybeans.

How to apply

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with biological preparations can be carried out mechanically using mordanting machines MMS-3 (screw-type mordanting machine-3), MM-10 (Mordanting Machine-10), and other machines, or at small volumes of work it may be done manually on the day of sowing. To do this, 5 liters of water require adding 4 liters of the drug and use it to process 1 ton of seeds. Without allowing the suspension to settle, it is applied to the seeds, which are further to be carefully mixed for even distribution of the biological product. The treated seed should be protected from direct sunlight and overheating.

Bacteria are compatible with growth stimulators, microelements and some pesticides. 


  • Increases soy yield by 20-40%
  • Improves the use of macro and soil micro-elements
  • Restores and increases soil fertility, enriching it with cheap biologically fixed atmospheric nitrogen without additional nitrogen fertilizer application
  • Positively affects yielding of the following crop rotations
  • Saturates soils with legume bacteria pi, specific only to soya and necessary for its full growth and development
  • Improves the quality of grown products, increases the content of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates
  • Increases resistance of plants to diseases
  • Is not washed out of the ground
  • Ecologically safe for people, animals, birds and the environment

Spectrum of action, norms and methods of use


Processing method and time

Application rate


Seed treatment on the day of sowing or 2-3 days before sowing

0,5 l per hectare of seeds (4 l / ton)

Safety measures

When applying, please, adhere to the generally accepted safety measures. The pharmaceutical does not cause any harmful effects on the environment, or negative effects on people, endothermic animals, fish, bees, neither it is phytotoxic to cultural and wild plants.

Terms and conditions of storage

The biopharmaceutical is stored in a sealed container in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +4ºС..+6ºС. Its shelf life is up to 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional Information

Certificate of state registration A №07313

ТУ У 20.2–00717867–0010:2017.

It is certified by Organic Standard’, LLC for growing and protecting crops in organic production according to the standards of the European Union.

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