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All products fully conform to European and Ukrainian standards and are manufactured in our laboratories.
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Bacterodencide moist grain-super - environmentally safe, natural preparation. Biological rodenticide for the murine control.

How does it work

The active basis is bacteria Isachenko. Rodenta-Bio has a strict selective pathogenicity: it destroys only mouse-like rodents. Effective against mice (domestic, steppe, forest, mice-crumbs); striped field mouse (ordinary or gray, forest ginger, water, herd, steppe) as well as gray hamster and gophers.

Poisoned moist grain bait is used against murine rodents on crops, meadows, pastures, forests, gardens, forestry scopes, greenhouses, elevators, mills, warehouse and livestock buildings, cottages and private residences.

How to apply

Deadly dose for one rodent, depending on the species, is 0.5 - 10 grams of the preparation or 2-3 grains.

The drug can be used at any time of the year, even in winter at -25 ºС. Optimal, most effective terms - in autumn-winter and early spring periods, when the air temperature ranges from + 10 ºС to -10 ºС. Biological effectiveness of the preparation is not less than 90%.

The effect of the preparation begins after 20-35 minutes after getting into the stomach of the rodent, causing the pathogenesis of abdominal typhus. Continues protective action when the pest re-settled, as a result of repeatable contamination from dead animals to 40% of new rodents is destroyed without additional preparation introduction.

The rate of bait depends on the species and number of murine rodents. At first, cultivations are carried out on roadside and crops, in forest belts, where the population remains unfavorable for their distribution. At a high density of murine rodents, 5 or more colonies, is used a norm of 1 to 3 kg / ha. On perennial plants 3-4 kg / ha.

When its used on agricultural land: Rodenta-Bio scatter in the holes, near the nests, along the paths of rodents. To kill one rodent, enough 2-3 grains of the preparation . Murine rodents are dying during 7-10 days after the use of Rodenta Bio.

When its used on crops, hayfields, pastures: bait scatter manually, workers are placed in a chain at a distance of 5-15 m apart. The expansion of the preparation can be strips in the width of 100-200 m with a gap between them 50 - 100m. Rodenta-Bio can be laid out from the unloading machine (on both sides). The distance between runs is 25-50 m, as well as with grain sowing and fertilizer spreaders.

In the drops, the preparation is spread in paper balls of 15-20 g in a niche, made in the lower and middle parts of the daisies. The drug is used at any time of the year.

In greenhouses and hothouses Rodenta-Bio is used in early spring, paying special attention to the holes near the frames, greenhouse frames and places for storing straw mats.

In the premises, livestock farms, warehouses, vegetable stores, the preparation is laid in the holes, near the nests, behind the wall covering.


  • Ecologically safe for humans, animals, environment
  • 3-4 times more effective than chemical rodenticide
  • Applied both in manual and mechanical ways
  • It leads to the complete destruction of the colony due to the re-infection of the murine rodents
  •   In murine rodents, immunity to biological lure is not produced, unlike the use of chemical preparations
  • Possibility of application of the preparation in natural and farm zones

Spectrum of action

The object of action

Unit of measurement

Spectrum of action

Rate of preparation consumption

Fields, gardens, vegetable gardens, forest bands, meadows

1 ha

Mice, voles

10-30г (1-3kg/ha)

Haystack, stacks, greenhouses

1 м3

100-150г (10-15kg/ha)

Greenhouses, warehouses, farms, residential and non-residential premises

100 м²

200-300г (20-30kg/ha)

Security measures

Biopreparation is harmless to people, warm-blooded animals, birds, fish, does not accumulate in plants, does not pollute the environment. You must adhere to all Health and Safety rules, while working and using the preparation.

terms of use

At a temperature from +4..+6°C - 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Additional information

Rodenta-Bio is registered at the state level for protection against murine rodents in organic production in accordance with the standards of the European Union.

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